Winter on the Rhode Island Coast

I must be a looking backward kind of pig. Spring is here but already I think of winter, so beautiful and icy…

December, Trustom Pond

January, Green Hill Beach

February, Ice Bubbles

Photos by Patrushka. I made the enlargements bigger so you can see better how beautiful they are.

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2 thoughts on “Winter on the Rhode Island Coast

  1. Good call Leonard- The pigsty has always been a bit of a fete, long before there was a virtual pigsty! A set of encyclopedias and the Almanac were always kept very near to the dinner table so that one could appropriately defend, discuss, and prove one’s point, whatever your opinion and whatever the topic- whether it happened to be the ancient Byzantine Empire, current events, a book read or movie seen, or anything in between. Discussions could get, ahem, a bit heated, but they always had to be respectful, and it was always fun. My friends have told me many times over that they never knew what to make of dinner at my house- it certainly wasn’t like any dinner they’d ever had at their house. I guess Pondering Pig’s desire of being admitted to Cafe Trieste carried down through the years and he created it at his own house- Don’t you wish you could’ve been there? 🙂 Thanks for twenty-some years of great dinnertime conversations dad!


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