Mysteries of My Web Log

My employers, the mighty Schraf Syndicate, provide each of their star bloggers with tools to analyze and build their web traffic, none of which make much sense to me.

From reading the comments here at the Pigsty, one would think a nice little group of web friends drop by the Pigsty regularly for a cuppa and a comment. Let’s see, there’s Leo and Hannah out in Arizona, and Paula and Spoke up in Alberta and Kirstie here in Rhode Island, plus my brother Gary in the Santa Cruz mountains of California and Carioca out in San Francisco and, did I miss anybody? Oh yeah, a cat dropped by once – that was unique. But he never came back. Apologies if I missed anybody else.

Yet the Schraf web logs indicate that the Pig’s Pad gets nearly 500 “hits” a day and about 60 of those folks stay here for up to an hour each visit to read up on the doings in PonderPig’s mind.

Man, I wish I knew who you all were and how you found the Pigsty! It’s like there’s a big party going on here but I didn’t happen to notice. Did a friend tell you? Were you just in the neighborhood and saw my sign?

The Pig Sty is: Open.
Cream teas $.75
Espresso: $.25
Cappucinos $.30

If you’re in the mood – drop me a line in the Comments box. Just where you live or something. And is the Baby Beatnik thing working for you? Enquiring pigs want to know!



3 thoughts on “Mysteries of My Web Log

  1. And I was just going to say “Hey P.P.,Don’t forget Peggi, whose website has the most beautiful photographs.” Peggi- your photos are just marvelous, I love them.


  2. I must confess, I faithfully read your blog every day in search of new business opportunities. Snout and I have a new enterprise in the West Indies you might possibly be interested in joining. I see you have experience in running reasonably priced tea shops. That would be an excelllent cover for- ahem, I mean, a worthy business we are much in need of here. Please contact at once, Snout, 6 Pig End, West Indies.


  3. Hello Pondering Pig,I confess that I often visit the Pigsty without ever blogging a comment so I will do that now. I don’t know anything about the Baby Beatniks but I like to read your stories! By the way – could you send me a cup of real American coffee please? I think I’ve never drunk one before… And for those of you who like tea better than coffee I would recommend a cup of Roiboos with orange-cinnamon flavour and for those who like coffee but can’t take the caffeine I would recommend a cup of Kaffee HAG which hundreds birthday we are celebrating this year!Best greetings to all og you from Germany!Silke


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