Pigs in The Fog

Where is that pig anyway? Still lost in the fog out there, I guess. He left word that if he wasn’t back by today I should post this quote from R.H. Ash, the fictional Victorian poet in A.S. Byatt’s novel Possesion. He mumbled something about it being an antidote to the current “History is bunk” attitude of the millions. Or something like that. I don’t know. Maybe he was just grumblimg…

“I myself, with the aid of the imagination, have worked a little in that line, have ventriloquised, have lent my voice to, and mixt my life with, those past voices and lives whose resuscitation in our own lives as warnings, as examples, as the life of the past persisting in us, is the business of every thinking man and woman.”

The Pig was very emphatic about it, seemed to think the people of the past have some kind of validity, that their ideas and lives are actually worth pondering now. Maybe like the guys who invented Pong. He’s still out there as I write this. I hope he finds whatever he’s rooting for.

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