Virginia Again

Our flirtation with Pittsburgh didn’t last long. We did see one neighborhood we liked a lot, Squirrel Hill. Had that good Berkeley feeling (my opinion) and a great Taiwanese restaurant, the Rose Tea Cafe. But the houses of the neighborhood were big and formal and 1920s Margaret Dumont elegance, and I just couldn’t imagine setting up the pigsty there in spite of the coffee houses and watering holes featuring bottles of Yingling.
So this morning finds us back in Charlottesville, 300 odd miles southeast. Something about western Virginia feels good to these little red eyes. The little country roads and golden March light lowers my blood pressure, like petting my cat, if I had a cat.
So, really no pondering today. Just wanted you all to know we haven’t disappeared. We’re going to stay here a few days and look around.



One thought on “Virginia Again

  1. If that picture is any indication of where you’re at, then I want to live there too! (I’ve been craving green meadows lately.) It looks perfect.


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