Copycat Contest Over! No Winners!

But thanks everybody for “taking a shot” at it. Sorry, nobody got a “hit”.

Actually, we’ve decided we’d rather keep the $25,000 and still get all the free publicity. So this worked out great. Oh, and thanks to the guys down at Duffy’s Tavern who put up the million dollars (I was just fooling, it wasn’t really a jeweler’s association after all) and to Duffy’s brother Elmer who had the car out back he said we could give away. And thanks to Mohammed Yousaf Qureshi, imam over in Peshawar Pakistan, for the idea.

Oh. The fourth word was “flatbed”. See below towards the bottom of the post. I wrote that the Grateful Dead were playing “off a truck” and when I reread the post I suddenly imagined all the guys playing inside a delivery van. And everyone else standing outside looking at the truck. So I changed it to “flatbed truck”, which is what it was.

Great work everybody, and try again when it’s time for the next great Copycat Contest!



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