I’m Giving Away $25,000!

One thing about the Pondering Pig. He is not a pig of swiftness. While others are scrambling to remedy the continuing rampant population growth announced yesterday , the Pondering Pig is still thinking about that imam in Pakistan who last week announced a $25,000 prize to the first person who shoots the evil Danish cartoonist. And then manages to get to Peshawar, Pakistan to claim his prize.

In the imam’s honor, I have decided to hold my own contest. Yesterday afternoon I added four words to my post about the fox. The first person who finds all four will win $25,000 – plus “a car”. Not only that, but my local jeweler’s association is so excited that they are putting up a MILLION dollars for the first person who get all four words.

You all know me – I’m the pig who lives in the ramshackle pigsty out at the edge of town. Why shouldn’t you believe me? Maybe I really do have the money and I’m hiding it in a bucket.

Or maybe I’m just trying to get some publicity. Build up my fan base.

I’ve just been doing some Google research. I can’t find a single news story that quotes any spokesman for any jeweler’s association, or even gives it a name. Here’s a pretty good example from ABC News. This story calls them “the association of the jewelers bazaar”, and that’s the best I’ve come up with. The name of the man who is putting up most of the bounty money is also the name of the mosque in Peshawar, the imam’s city out in the sticks of Pakistan. Maybe people over in Pakistan are named after their mosques. Or maybe the reporter has his facts wrong.

I’m not saying the story isn’t true – I’m just saying…how come if I hold a press conference about my big contest, a reporter is probably going to want to check if I actually have the money, and maybe talk to a representative of the jeweler’s association. Hey – a million dollars? These guys must really care! But if a story is coming out of Pakistan, all rules of journalism seem to go right out the window, a new shocking story is served up for our breakfast titillation and we readers are all quite ready to sop it up and be shocked once again by the evil extremists. I have not seen a single story that asks, “Hey, is this guy for real?”

Sometimes the Pondering Pig is quite a skeptical pig.



One thought on “I’m Giving Away $25,000!

  1. Hiding your hoard in a bucket? I thought your treasure was still under a statue in Golden Gate Park, where you found it, and you just took what you needed from time to time. ~ Gary


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