Whereabouts Unknown

Since it’s my birthday, I guess I can write whatever I want to.
So here’s a list of some friends I once had who I would like to see again, or at least find out what happened to them.
They were all pals, some for years, some for weeks, when I was young.
In alphabetical order…

Bess Farr, AKA Lisa Farr, AKA Lisa McFadden.
Bob Gill – brother beatnik, peyote brother and card carrying YPSL.
Bob Kaffke – diabetic Communist who rode horseback through Mexico.
Bob Kuehn – SF State peace warrior.
Danny Rifkin – so funny and creative. The first on our scene to notice the Beatles were cool.
David Miller – Carpenter of Walrus and Carpenter.
Don Auclaire – leader of our pack, 311 Judah Street.
Donna Conroy – Tom Conroy’s beautiful wife from Delaware.
Ed Ginsberg – peyote brother and photographer.
Eva Bessie, AKA Eva Wilson – in the Ozarks somewhere last I heard.
George “the Beast” Howell.
Joe Novakovich – Fingerless Joe himself.
Johnny Chance – Saintly drummer who taught me to appreciate the Beach Boys and Paul Whiteman.
Laurie Sarlat – with the Long Island accent, Alan Cohen’s consort and Wendy to this lost boy.
Leslie Hipshmann AKA Leslie Van Gelder.
Margarita Bates AKA The Bitch. Unforgettable.
Melanie Kinkead AKA Lamie da Kink – as dear a girl as I ever knew.
Michael Rachoff – friend of years but I lost touch in my wanderings.
Peter Kraemer – the Sopwith Camel
Peter Walters – my boyhood best friend who lived at 47th and Balboa
Peter Weiss –tough kid from Brooklyn who danced with Ann Halprin
Riley Turner – holy tennies street kid from Lowell High School.
Solveig Otvos, AKA Solveig Rimkeit, AKA Ruth Weissinger – the beautiful Latvian. Where are you, Solveig?
Tom Conroy – the North Beach street kid cartoonist

I know where too many of my early friends are today though – in the ground.
Here’s to you, Rodney Albin and Chet Helms and Allen Cohen and Wendy Norins and Tom Hobson and all the rest of you – friends forever.

If any of you ever stop by The Pigsty, let me know, OK?

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2 thoughts on “Whereabouts Unknown

  1. Margarita Bates is now Margarita McLarty. You can find her on the internet. If you had a method of contacting you on this blog that did not involve publishing the comment or note, I would tell you more. However, under current conditions, it’s up to you to find her.


  2. Hi, Chris:So good to hear from you! I love the piece on Lisa! And everyone else. I just talked to Peter Kraemer in Mexico last week. The guy Lisa was looking at lived near us here for a long time and HE died His name was Steve Engber. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Eva


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