Fox Without A Hole

Thanks Anonymous, Gary, Kirstie and Leonard for your invaluable, God-loved insights about these foxes (not the ones who eat all your grapes). Here’s a pic of Jesus just taking it easy in the snow after a good day.

I’m not really a very metaphysical pig. My understanding goes more in the one plus one equals two direction. I think you guys who see a message about the Holy Spirit here are right, but me, I’m more the “I wonder if there are any truffles in these woods?” kind of a pig and I go snuffling off. If lightning starts flashing and enlightening the woods, I’ll probably stay safe home in my pigsty. God makes all kinds, I guess.

Anyway, I was just looking at this story again and I noticed that it comes right on top of several other stories when Jesus is frustrated with his dumb and dumber disciples. (This is in Luke Chapter Nine starting at verse 28.) First, Jesus and three of his disciples climb a mountain where they have an amazing visionary experience. Jesus suddenly is wearing gleaming white robes like Gandalf after he killed the Balrog. Moses and Elijah appear and are talking over important matters with Jesus when Peter rubs his eyes and makes the endearing but totally off the wall remark “Hey everybody, let’s build three huts so Jesus and Moses and Elijah can just hang out as long as they want to”. Then – puff – the vision is over and they are back laying in the grit on the mountaintop.

Then the next day a father shouts out at Jesus, “Hey, could you please come and heal my kid? Your loser disciples tried but nothing happened.” And Jesus replies “You faithless and perverse generation! How much longer do I have to put up with you!!!” And he heals the child.

Now in every story between here and the foxes story, the disciples get Jesus’ words seriously wrong. Right up to when the disciples suggest Jesus blast a village with lightning bolts because it didn’t invite their whole entourage to spend the night.

Just at this point the poor sap walks up and says, “Jesus, I’m going to follow you wherever you go.” Time is getting short here. Jerusalem and death on the cross is just down the road. I think Jesus is starting to have second thoughts about his big plan to get 12 ordinary young guys with baseball caps and heavy-duty pickup trucks completely transformed into world changers who are filled this elusive thing called the Holy Spirit. Now here’s yet another one popping up.

I’m wondering, from my non-metaphysical piggish perspective, if his ‘foxes have holes’ remark is really an insight into how lonely and bereft he must have felt to be the Son of Man on assignment down here on the fallen earth.

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