Happy New Year, You Dancing Pigs!

Hey, thanks everybody for dropping by the Pigsty in 2005. I just talked with Farmer Brown – lots of fresh slops on their way in 2006, and we’ll always make room at the trough for a cool pig like you!

I especially want to thank you pigs in other countries for making In A Pigsty an international blog. We had hits this month from Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Iceland, Spain, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and South Africa. We are glad to have you international dancing pigs dropping by and are looking forward to your reports as you feel like filing them.

When I started this blog I said to myself, “Don’t worry about a theme but just write and let the themes emerge.” So, here they are so far: Why isn’t life more fun? In fact, why does life tend to be a hurting proposition?

I cannot personally conduct such an analysis without bringing God into the picture. Dancing pigs have to make their peace with God too, you know.

I expect to continue to post from time to time little pictures and memories of my childhood in San Francisco in the Forties and Fifties, as they seem relevant to the project.

Ultimately, I hope to get around to my youth in San Francisco in the beatnik, bohemian and hippie enclaves of the Sixties. But I’m in no hurry. In any case I don’t think I will get into gossip about Janis Joplin or Chet Helms or Jerry Garcia. But you never know. I may get inspired.

My OLD PAL WALRUS PEMMICAN, SCRUFFY WANDERER OF THE NORTH will show up from time to time and report on his travels. I may do the same. Patrushka and I are looking for a new home somewhere in America, so our travels may find their way into the blog.

What else? I would really like to know why organized religion has to be so boring, so maybe I will ask people. In any case, it will be a interesting year. Stop by soon and tell the dancing pigs in your town.

Finally, a sty of our own.

Happy New Year.



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