Big After-Christmas Sale on Dodo Bones

Here’s the latest news on dodos, those big birds that weren’t afraid of humans and so were eaten to death back in the 1600s. A Dutch geologist was messing around a swamp in Mauritius the other day and discovered a “mass grave” of dodos. Ugh, I’ve read about mass graves too much in my life but never in the context of floppy birds with charming expressions and a readiness to drink tea at any opportunity.

I’m a little worried. What will this discovery do to the world maket for dodo bones? I quote: “The grave is expected to include dozens of dodo skeletons, which are very rare and are estimated to be worth millions of dollars, said Dutch geologist Kenneth Rijsdijk who helped to find the site.

“A single bone can yield thousands of dollars. It’s a massive site and may very well contain skeletons of dozens of dodos,” he said.

Can’t you see the Eurodollar signs dancing in his eyes? And it’s true. Why, I myself paid thousands of dollars for the dodo bone in my what-not case. How much did you pay for yours? Now, suddenly we will have thousands dodo bones flooding the market. I don’t think poor Ken understands basic economics. Well, he’s a geologist.

But come to think of it, what was he looking for in that swamp when he stumbled on the grave? Mauritian dodobird oil?

PS, if would would like to learn more about the habits of dodos (and frogs), click here: Dodos and Frogs

For further information, go to Mauritius yourself. Orbitz will sell you a RT ticket from JFK for $2020.


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