Pemmican, Murtha Agree: Torture Right Out

In a striking development today, big shot Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa announced that he was in complete agreement with Walrus Pemmican, scruffy wanderer of the north. In a terse announcement, Murtha said, “If we allow torture in any form, we abandon our honor”.

In response, Pemmican said, “At least there’s one guy in the government besides McCain that has some simple common sense. I can’t believe we’re even talking about this. We are the good guys. Good guys don’t torture people. Never. No way. No how.”


3 thoughts on “Pemmican, Murtha Agree: Torture Right Out

  1. I really like these last two blogs, and the one about Christianity and Democracy- really interesting thoughts and observations. And I like the dream style of writing.


  2. I do like a plain talking man who gets right to the point. I hope you don’t go into politics even though your fans demand it. It’ll be all over then. You’ll have to learn a whole new vocabulary and writing style so no one can understand you, and a great writer will be gone. Hang in there! Walrus rules!Young walrus wife


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