What’s your favorite?

We bloggers have to tell the world our favorite movies, books, music, recipes, and colors. It’s in the contract, so I am sharpening up my digital pencil and going to work.

But I can’t figure out quite what a favorite is. Is it a thing you revisit over and over because it satisfies some deep yearning in your soul? Like tacos? That would let out most of my favorite books and movies, which I am quite content to remember with pleasure and let sit on the library shelf.

I remember all kinds of things with pleasure that aren’t favorites in that sense. Like our trip to Acadia National Park in 1984. That was a blast, but I never get out our slides and look at them. They’ve been gathering dust for twenty years.
Or what about movies I saw “back in the day”? Like the Zefferelli “Romeo and Juliet”. I saw it on a rainy night in 1968 San Francisco with Annie Ja, the most beautiful girl in San Francisco with the possible exception of my wife whom I hadn’t met yet. We both walked out of the theater into the rain thunderstruck and numb against the sorrow of life. The entire audience filed out of the Stagedoor Theater (or was it the Larkin? Could somebody please check?) into the rain in thunderstruck silence. It was the best movie I had ever seen. Then we went to Chinatown and ate chickenfoot soup.

So why isn’t Romeo and Juliet on my favorites list? Well, I haven’t seen it in 25 years and I’m not sure if I would still feel the same way. Same with A Hard Day’s Night and Black Orpheus and 400 Blows and Jules and Jim and all those seminal amazing movies of the Sixties.

So are there “eternal favorites” (like my Patrushka) and “ephemeral favorites” (like Annie)? I hope not. In my perfect world all favorites will be favorites forever and all friends will be friends forever and all the ones we love now we will love forever.

(P.S: Hey, Annie – wherever you are, you’re still my favorite)

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